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Brighter Future is a project of Family Services Trust, an educational learning center for the underprivileged children. We have children from 4 years old to 14 years old. It consists of preschool children, those who don’t attend school; and those who need extra tutoring in their study. It’s a place where they receive basic education, moral and management training and be on par in their level.

Daily Timing: 9 am to 5 pm

Social activities: Assisting teachers and teaching children ages 4 to 14 basic education and Life skills

Location: Dairy Farm, Madanpur Khadar, New Delhi


  One week program Two weeks program  One month program
  • One day adjustment
  • 2 days adjustment
  • 2 days adjustment
  • 4 days social activities
  • 8 days social activities
  • 16 days of Social Activities
  • 2 days sight-seeing, (Taj mahal, New Dehli)
  • 4 days of cultural trips (New Delhi, Taj Mahal, local market/shopping, visiting other institutions/schools)


  • 8 days cultural trips (New Delhi, Taj Mahal, local market/shopping, visiting other institutions/schools, visiting other cities such as Rajashtan, Shimla depends on the season.
  • 3 days motivational training  ( in the evening for one hour)
  •  6 days motivational training ( in the evening for one hour; study of great men/women, learning local language/culture, discussions, motivational workshop, etc )
  • 14 days motivational training ( in the evening for one hour
NGO services Fee: $100 NGO services Fee: $200 NGO services Fee: $400


Other Information:

  • If there are three to four people, they will stay with us. And if there are more, they will stay in YMCA.
  • Accommodation: $20 daily (breakfast and dinner, wi-fi, laundry included)
  • All  the excursions expenses and food out will be cared for by the participants
  • For safety reason, there will be no evening out, dress code, follow all the rules given.
  • Accomplishment certificate will be given at the end of the program.


We participated it by collecting “giving” from Window pre nursery school in Noida ( they give new underwear for the children, notebooks, color markers, biscuits and much more, and used clothes from Samsung, flour and rice from Mr. David, more flour from Mr/Mrs. Minku, and biscuits collection from the employees of Steria.
The children’s families were thankful receiving these items.