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Rise Above is a NON-Profit NGO, an active group of people who focuses on improving the quality of life for poor families in Cebu. We give skills training, run health, hygiene and educational programs, give active help in disaster areas and give aid to individuals in need.


We run multiple programs such as: Dental Missions, Tooth-brushing program in elementary schools, Food programs, Internship/volunteer program, Sponsorship for Education program, Disaster relief: building houses and schools, boats, supply goats and chicken and plant vegetable gardens for single parent families. We run two centers – focusing on helping children from depressed areas, giving them education and hope for a better future. Read more:


In 2012 we completed building 1 which contains a clinic, computer classroom, kitchen and bathrooms. In 2014 we started the building of a Children’s Library with rooms for volunteers.cebu web5 cebu web6

We are close to completion (target date: April 1, 2015).The ground floor holds the children’s library and a meeting room. Outside will have tables where the children will read and play.

Plan: The Rise Above Community Center is built close by a slum area, where 50% of the population is between 0-19 years old. Unemployment is at 60% and drop-out rate from school (elementary and high-school) is at 40%. Our aim is to inspire a desire for learning for the children as well as the parents. The capacity is 20 children for a morning session (9.00-12.00) and 20 children for an afternoon session (1.30-4.30pm). This program is still in the planning stages, but this is the vision.

We are in the process of hiring a center leader, who will take charge of the daily run of the children’s program.



We offer the volunteers a place to stay while with us – in new rooms as part of the Library building at the Rise Above Community Center. The rooms have air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and we supply a maid who is a cook, washes the laundry and maintains the cleanliness of the center. It has a kitchen where lunch and dinner can be cooked – either by the volunteers or the use of the maid.
Cost: 220 CHF per week per person. This doesn’t include breakfast and possible visa expenses, which is about 60 CHF in case of a stay of 2 months. 1 month’s stay is given free upon entry to the Philippines. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to the place you will live. Orientation and guidance will be given throughout your time of volunteering with us.
We are happy to offer this opportunity to those who want to help us make a difference here in the Philippines where about 50% of the over 100 mill. population is poor and struggling.

Single room for volunteers 1 Single room for volunteers 2

Upstairs are 2 single and 1 double room for volunteers.

The rooms have air-conditioners as well as fans.

The balcony has a kitchenette, water dispenser with drinking water,

refrigerator and table and chairs.

Between RISE ABOVE CHILDREN’S LIBRARY’s management, represented by
Elisabet Hansen, Project Manager
Name of Volunteer: ___________ Period of stay ____________
The Rise Above Foundation (RAF) Children’s Library is set up to cater to children ages 3-6 from the slum area in Guadalajara, Guadalupe, Cebu City as well as elementary school kids up to age 12. The children come from very poor families. There are families who don’t send their children to school because they simply do not have money to pay for the school materials needed. Our hope is that if we introduce these children to books and learning that the parents will catch the vision, and strive to be able to send their children to school. The children who go to school receive help with their homework and they enjoy reading books which they otherwise couldn’t afford to buy.
Education is the only way out of poverty. About 40% of the Philippine population is in this category, so we want to make it possible for these people to be introduced to books and learning at pre-school level, in preparation to be able to enter elementary school and become “something” one day, as well as elementary school level, enhancing their learning.
To fulfil this dream, we need energetic people who want to help make a difference, and you are one of them. You have asked to come and work with us in the time mentioned above.
We have prepared a good place for you to stay where you will feel “at home” and comfortable. The rooms have air-conditioning and fans, bedding and towels are included. Each of the rooms has a sink and place for personal grooming. The showers and toilets are in the next building. There is a shower and toilet designated for volunteers only. This is clearly marked.
Outside the rooms is a kitchenette with running water and place to do your own dishes. It has a kettle for boiling water. There is a refrigerator for your personal foods (i.e. breakfast food.) You will shop for and take care of your own breakfast so the maid will not have to come so early.
The maid will have a weekly menu and cook your lunch and dinner and clean up after meals. She will clean the Library daily, and if you wish she can also clean your personal room and area and wash and iron your laundry (once or twice a week).
? Please be conserving with the water at all times. At times there are water shortages, and we want to prevent running out of water.
? Please turn off lights, air-cons and fans when not in the rooms.
? Normal wear and tear will be taken care of by the RAF. Things broken due to mistreatment will be charged to the occupants.
252, 4th Street, Happy Valley Subd. V. Rama Ave., 6000 Cebu City
Tel/Fax. +63 32 255 1063 – TIN: 262-839-571-000 Non VAT
Latest News:
? For security and safety please keep your rooms locked when you are not there.
? A Safe can be provided at RAF Office for valuables and passports if you so desire.
? Children are not allowed upstairs in your personal area.
? The capacity is for 20 children to use the library at one time. Children come in two or three sessions: 9-12am and 1.30-4.30pm and 4.30-6pm
? The children will wash their hands when they come so books will be kept clean.
? They will place their slippers in a designated area.
? The children will read/look in the books in a designated area. They will not bring the books home. You will be expected to monitor the use of the books to see to it that they use the books nicely.
? You will supervise the children when they use the playground.
? You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the Rise Above Community Center. Please send us a copy of your flight schedule. This is very important and helps us determine what time we need to be there to pick you up, and also if you arrive by international or domestic flights.
? An orientation meeting will be given the following day after arrival where we will share about the do’s and don’ts of Philippine Culture, Safety and Security, Communication and Schedule in general.
? Keys for your room and the gate will be given upon arrival. Please take good care of your keys. (Lost keys will be charged 7 CHF per key).
? Visitors are not allowed on the property without prior notice.
? Visitors are not allowed in the upstairs area.
? 220 CHF per week and 32 CHF per day exceeding a full week.
For your length of stay: ___ weeks + ___days = __________
? This includes rental of room, water and electricity, lunch and dinner, maid to cook and clean, laundry.
? 50% of the full cost will be paid in advance (with the signing of this agreement) to the following link: (Or if you prefer to a Swiss account:
Postfinance, Rise Above, Ennenda, Kontonummer 89-957740-2,
IBAN CH09 0900 0000 8995 7740 2, BIC POFICHBEXXX)
The rest of the amount will be paid when you arrive. (Unless you prefer to pay the full amount in one go.) Please inform us per email when the transfer is made.
By signing this document, I agree to the rules and regulations stated herein.
Date:_____________________ Date:________________________
Elisabet Hansen


This center has been in operation since July 2009, and it caters to children ages 3-6 from another slum area. To help improve the quality of life for the families in the slums, we opened the daycare center that cares for these children while mothers who have received training in weaving of bags, baskets etc. are ableto work and receive an income.cebu web2 cebu web4

Children learn in a healthy and safe environment – so different from their shacks. We supply the children with a preschool teacher who helps prepare them for elementary school, we feed them lunch and snacks daily, give them showers and clean clothes when they come in the morning. Volunteers help care for the children – some as part of their internship for their behavioral science education in Denmark.

Volunteers help assist the teacher as well as playing with the children and arranging activities that will help the children be prepared for entering elementary school. They take the children on outings, helping the children have fun and inspire them to be creative in art and music.cebu web 3 cebu web1


Welcome to Rise Above Foundation Cebu

Since November 2000, we have been working as volunteers in Cebu City, Philippines. Our team is striving to help improve the quality of life for the poor and underprivileged by means of providing educational opportunities, livelihood training, and health and hygiene programs. We connect and cooperate with volunteers from several countries and help facilitate their work and accommodations in Cebu. We establish contact with schools and institutions for students in our internship program, and organize “dental missions” to treat the poor in “Free Clinics”. Dentists and dental hygienists from several western countries participate in our projects to provide treatment as well as oral education for poor children and adolescents. Our vision is to give people a chance to lead better lives through education and training. You can help make that dream a reality through financial contributions or to work as a volunteer.

Internship Program




Living in the Ph

ilippines, one can never close ones eyes to the hardship and poverty people face. 40% of the population lives under poverty level, yet when we talked with one of the politicians here in Cebu, he said that 68% of the people in Cebu City live under the

poverty line, yet the development of the city is booming. The wealth are in the hands of about 10% of the population, and what’s left is a small middle class who through education are able to rise above their previous state.

Half-way presentation of team’s place of internship for all interns  The Team of Danish interns in Cebu -Feb 2012  Activities for street-kids at Mandaue Drop-in Center Most of the children who live in institutions in Cebu come from the poor layer of society where families are sometimes forced to give up their children, simply because they are too poor to feed them. These children are abandoned and live on the streets or have been so fortunate that someone has taken them into one of the many institutions that cater to these children. Many Catholic orders run orphanages and institutions, and they do their best to give them a good upbringing and education. It is in these institutions that the behavioural science students are working as interns for up to a 6 months period. We also arrange the internship for nurses and medical students, teacher students and students of political/sCebu5ocial science.Cebu9