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Placement locations: In and around the capital of Kathmandu and occasional trips to villages out of the city.

Types of care projects: Teaching English, doing extracurricular activities with the children, sports, library building or helping to set it up, carpentry, medical camps (if qualifications are at hand), schools, hospitals, and community centres.

Age of children:  6-16

Number of people cared for: 10-40 kids in a group

Role: Teaching, activities with the children, spoken language, carpentry and painting.

Accommodation: Host families. Room for 2-4 volunteers with attached bathroom.

Price: 15-20 Euros per person per day

What’s included? Comfortable boarding and warm and hygienically prepared authentic meals (breakfast and dinner). We can be a guide and give you some logistical support for a local tour.

What’s not included? Transportation, Lunch, medical, flight and visa.

Length of placement: 2 – 12 weeks

 Start dates: Flexible

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program for Teachers:

Soon we will launch this new program responding to the needs of modernizing and improving English teaching in Government schools. We will welcome Qualified teachers from abroad to come to our schools and contribute new teaching methods that are nutritious for our teachers and students. Any new skills that help improve spoken English and English comprehension will always be a valuable legacy with very positive results in both short and long term for Nepali pupils and teachers. It is essential to share and exchange this information to enrich both sides and take small but important steps towards a more understanding and comprehensive education.

Coordination of General Volunteer Programs

We understand that anybody with a social conscience, a positive attitude and lots of energy is more than welcome to join our volunteers program. We value people with elaborate skills in any area: building, arts & crafts, music, health, languages, agriculture… Any interesting skills that you think you have can be of help here and very productive to people’s lives. Come and share your talent with us! Up to now we have already had the valuable help of three different groups of volunteers coming from all over the world Switzerland, Hong Kong, New Zealand and presently, from Spain. We are very happy we have had such a positive response up to now. They have all contributed greatly to our different programs and moreover, they are still in touch and following them with great interest and enthusiasm. We hope to continue getting more volunteers to come and join us, as a chance for them to have a fulfilling time in Nepal and give a helping hand to this country, so that slowly  it becomes as beautiful as its people and its landscapes.

A ‘real Nepali-life experience’

Lost in the hassle and bustle of Kathmandu city life, one may forget they are in the land of the Himalayas. Not too far from the isle of cement, one can experience the real village culture, blended in with nature and its mountains for centuries. We like to offer to our volunteers the chance of venturing into the mountain villages and taking advantage of this unique opportunity to live and learn about authentic village life. Life here runs at a more gentle pace. Here the volunteers also get a chance to share their knowledge skills and help village people improve some basics in their every-day life. Undoubtedly, it is a unique chance to discover the real Nepal and immerse one’s self into the village people’s culture.

Home-stay for Volunteers

We can also provide our volunteers with lodging and food at a small cost during their stay in Nepal.

Be it in the city or in the villages, this will give them the perfect chance to mix with local people and taste authentic home-made Nepali cuisine. Soon we also hope to have a volunteers center running were they can relax and exchange experiences.

Visiting Nepal for Leisure

Being Nepalese ourselves, we have a wide experience in what our country has to offer and what tourists like to admire. If you are simply thinking about coming to Nepal for leisure, we can organize your trip for you. We can give advice on different possible itineraries, which can, according to your preferences, blend in both city and mountain landscapes. We can book your hotels and get the best local prices. We can also provide travelers with local lodging and home-stay. This is also a good chance to mingle with local people – either in the city or the villages – and taste authentic home-made Nepali cuisine.

Ultimately, we become your guides into this country and can advise you on the best different possibilities. This also offers you an amazing chance to meet the sites and people of Nepal, to become involved with its culture and to understand more of its magical heritage. We will help you make your experience here the best of a lifetime!