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The Family India is a voluntary network of individuals and entities that share a common cause and desire to make a difference in society. Our collective mission is to provide social, educational and humanitarian services and conduct enrichment programmes to improve the quality of life. We conduct enrichment programmes for individuals, families, schools/colleges and companies. Our social projects include education and training, empowering the Deaf, Disaster relief and Prison reform.

Focus Areas:

  • Prison Reform Programmes
  • Personal Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Life Management Programmes
  • Motivational Workshops
  • Equal Opportunity Programmes for underprivileged children
  • Seminars for school and college students
  • Seminars for teachers and parents
  • Seminars for Companies
  • Character Education Programmes for junior school students
  • CSR Training and Involvement
  • Educational and emotional support for crime affected children
  • Helping the hearing impaired
  • Vocational training and skill building
  • Events for children


Creating Equal Opportunities

Members of The Family India organize regular “Equal Opportunity” programmes for children from underprivileged backgrounds. — In other words, we strive to create opportunities for disadvantaged kids to enjoy the same educational/recreational events that their peers from better socio-economic strata get to regularly partake of.


These programmes expand their horizons, teach them new skills like art and craft, music and dance make it possible them to have fun and most of all, show them that society cares about them! Children who have had a rough start in life can tend to grow up bitter against the world and manifest counter-social behaviour, but if they are shown love and concern in their formative years, then that memory of love actually helps them to contribute positively to society in their later years.



Summer Camps

The Family India conducts special summer camps for slum children, thereby giving them an opportunity to learn skills which they normally would not get a chance to learn.

At these camps, the children learn music, theatre, arts and crafts. They also learn to make beautiful utility items like table decorations, paper bags and lampshades. The children also get the opportunity to properly learn volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc.






Children’s Days and Special Events

Every year members of The Family India organizes Children’s Day events for poor children in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

In New Delhi, for example, every year nearly 2000 disadvantaged children, including street children, slum children, children of prison inmates as well as kids from broken homes attend “Khushiyon Ki Bahaar” – The Family India’s annual Children’s Day Mela. Each child enjoys a delicious lunch as well as snacks and drinks and receives a gift pack containing useful stationery and other items. The children play games and win prizes at games’ stalls set up by school and college students and other volunteers. They also enjoy variety programme, magic shows and have a great time on the dance floor!







Other Special Events

We also organize special events for disadvantaged children on other special occasions such as Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas and World Environment Day. These include music and theatre programmes, quiz competitions and excursions to recreational facilities or to places of historical and educational interest.

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